Grey Sparkle Large 10mm Thick Bathroom Shower Panel 2.4m x 1m - Claddtech
Grey Sparkle Large 10mm Thick Bathroom Shower Panel 2.4m x 1m - Claddtech
Grey Sparkle Large 10mm Thick Bathroom Shower Panel 2.4m x 1m - Claddtech

Grey Sparkle 10mm Thick Large PVC Cladding Shower Boards 2.4m x 1m

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Grey Sparkle Shower Wall Panels - A beautiful, dazzling design that will restore your bathroom to a contemporary place of relaxation. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, salons, commercial spaces, en-suites and caravans. Our range of 10mm Shower wall panels are of the highest quality and offer fantastic aesthetics, insulation properties and colourfast technology. 


What is Bathroom Cladding?

Bathroom Cladding is a modern uplift to tiles, wallpaper and paint. All of Claddtech’s PVC products are 100% waterproof as they are designed to go in areas such as shower enclosures, full bathrooms, en suites, kitchens and offices. Our wall panels can go directly over existing tiles which will cut back on time and cost. Claddtech’s wall panels are extremely low maintenance which means no grouting and just warm soapy water to wipe down. For an easy installation, our wall and ceiling panels interlock through tongue & groove providing a seamless installation, making it easy for DIY beginners as well as experienced traders.

Why Choose Claddtech?

Innovation is at the heart of everything we create here at Claddtech. It's the key ingredient that adds the quality difference that marks our products as 'better by design'. We developed the 'Interlock-Tight' feature to maximise the waterproofing capabilities of our panels. When used in conjunction with a tiny bead of silicone, these panels are able to fully resist any capillary action of water. Then there is the 'close-cell' technology, packing those strength reinforcing cells tightly together to give a much higher compression strength, a better insulation and superior sound characteristics. It's also good to know that our 'Colourfast-Integrity' improvements give better stability to the original colour for even longer, ensuring your bathroom, kitchen, office or other room stays looking brand new for longer. Small improvements that go a long way towards better aesthetics and a better working life for your installed panels.

Panel Specification

  • Per Panel Length; 2400mm
  • Per Panel Width; 1000mm
  • Per Panel Thickness; 10mm

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