H Trim or Joining Strip in White Finish for 5mm Thick Panels 2.6m Long - Claddtech

H Trim or Joining Strip in White Finish for 5mm Thick Panels 2.6m Long

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The White Joining Trim suitable for 5mm wall & ceiling panels (also known as the H-Trim) is best solution for walls & ceilings longer than 2.6m. The primary function of this trim is to extend the coverage of our wall & ceiling panels by connecting one end of a panel to another. At 2.6m long in a white finish, this bathroom trim will provide a stylish finish to your bathroom, wet room or kitchen. 


What are Bathroom Edging Trims? 

Bathroom edging trims (also known as finishing trims) are designed to compliment your wall panels and professionally cover corners, window frames, around bath/shower trays and ceiling to wall intersections, providing the perfect solution for those common areas. 

What are the different types of Bathroom Trims?

At Claddtech there are several different types of PVC trim to choose from, with each trim intended for different areas of your bathroom wall and ceiling, kitchen, wet room, and commercial areas; 

Why choose Claddtech’s range of Trims? 

Claddtech’s range of wall & ceiling panel bathroom trims are perfect for giving you room a stylish and finished look. Our trims come in black, white and chrome finishes and are available in 5mm, 8mm and 10mm sizes (excluding the Rigid Angle which is a universal size). Our versatile range of panel trims are designed to compliment all our our range of claddtech panels whilst providing a quality solution to areas that should remain hidden.

Trim Specification

  • Trim Length: 2600mm long
  • Suitable for: 5mm shower Panels
  • Colour: White Finish

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